We can digitally repair many types of damage and restore your photos to their original condition.

With our photo restoration services, we can digitally repair and restore your torn, damaged or faded photos, preserving them for future generations to enjoy. Breathe new life into your old black and white prints with our photo colourizing service. We digitally apply historically accurate hues and tones to produce natural-looking results.

Remove unwanted distractions and blemishes, combine elements from different scenes, or replace backgrounds. When it comes to photo retouching, the only limit is your imagination!

Some of the repairs that can do is as follows:

  • Creases & tears
  • Water damage
  • Flaked emulsion
  • Light leakage
  • Tape marks
  • Silvering
  • Blemishes
  • Missing fragments
  • Adding colour
  • Removing colour
  • Faded colours
  • Photo montage and more.

Call in store for more detail.